Dapp Development

What is a Dapp?

A decentralized application built on the blockchain that connects smart contracts to a frontend user interface. Dapps typically utilize a combination of web3 technologies like wallets, tokens and NFT’s to provide an exceptional blockchain experience.



Dapps operate on EVM compatible chains which are open decentralized public platforms where no one person or group has control.


You don’t need to provide real-world identity to deploy or interact with a dapp users login using crypto wallets

Censorship resistant

No single entity on the network can block users from submitting transactions, interacting dapps, or reading data from the blockchain. Once the Dapp is deployed it will run forever.

Data integrity

Using cryptographic methods data stored on the blockchain is immutable and indisputable. Malicious actors cannot forge transactions or other data that has already been made public and stored on chain.


Smart contracts can be analyzed and are guaranteed to execute in predictable ways, without the need to trust a central authority. This is not true in traditional models; for example, when we use online banking systems, we must trust that financial institutions will not misuse our financial data, tamper with records, or get hacked.

Popular Dapps


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