Our Team

Jake Hitz


Jake Hitz is an experienced business man and software engineer. After graduating with his computer science degree from James Madison University, Jake went on to develop products in the web3, artificial intelligence and cyber security sectors. Acting as a project manager allowed him to oversee teams of engineers, network with industry professionals, and work alongside some of the biggest brands in blockchain. As CEO of Ironglass Byte he mainly focused on driving the company vision of building the future.

Osaze Moore


Osaze Moore is an experienced software engineer who spent years building out cybersecurity systems for the US government. While doing cybersecurity for the government he also spent time mastering blockchain and AI engineering and soon became CTO of Ironglass Byte. At Ironglass Byte he stays up to date on the latest technology and manages teams of engineers dedicated to building the future.

Dardan Bela


Dardan Bela is an experienced marketer and master salesman. After graduating from James Madison University, Dardan mastered business, communication and marketing and soon became CMO of Ironglass byte. As CMO he is has uses his knowledge to network and get to know the greatest minds in the tech industry, he also manages the IronGlass Byte sales team and teaches the importance of these technologies to everyone in the space

Our Vision

We believe the future of technology will mainly focus on the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. Each sector has its unique benefits and advantages when compared to current technology. We think building innovative technology is similar to chewing glass and our dedication to understanding the knowledge of these sectors highlights our emphasis on insight, innovation and our push to BYTE THE GLASS and BUILD THE FUTURE

Your Future

As builders of the future we are passionate in educating the world on the power, benefits and advantages of future technologies. We strive to create simple, exiting and user friendly experiences encompassing these technologies in all industries. Throughout this process we will help you and the world seamlessly integrate into the future